The whole buzz of 
the day makes it pretty similar to music photography.

Andy Wilsher

Backstage Pass

About Andy - Behind The Scenes

Taking up photography in school, my love for photography grew in tandem
with my enthusiasm for the burgeoning music scene of the late 1980s.
It was while working in a local camera shop during the school holidays that i
took along a Praktica camera to a couple of local gigs and i was instantly

I decided college wasn’t for me and so got a job in a bank so i could afford to
buy some better camera equipment. While working at a bank in London’s
West End I decided to take a vacation to follow a band called The Hollow
Men on a tour of Scotland and Ireland. This was a turning point and from that
moment decided that photography was going to be my life.
I then started working in a local camera shop, printing my own photos and
sending them to various music publications. After the best part of 2 years i
finally got commissioned by NME and I stayed working for them for nearly 21

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world on assignment for NME and
various record labels over the course of that time and forged great
relationships with bands like Biffy Clyro, Razorlight and many more.


Wedding Photography

Why Times Like These Photography?

It’s pretty rare from one year to the next that I don’t get asked to shoot a
friends or friends of friends wedding. Like Tony has said the whole buzz of
the day, not wanting to miss shooting anything and capturing everything in
the best possible way makes it pretty similar to music photography and
working under pressure - and probably most importantly being able to blend
in to the background and document the day without anyone noticing you.


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